Winter Indoor League


Age Divisions



Middle School​

HS Boys

HS Girls


Turf Field

Our facility features one turf field with indoor soccer specific field markings and goals. 

No Cleats!

To sustain and maintain our playing surface, we do not permit players to wear outdoor soccer cleats at our facility.

Food & Drink

We allow patrons and participants to bring their own food and drink into our facility. Vending machines are on-site but there is no concession stand.


$105 League

Ages 12 and Older

$95 League


Ages 11 and Younger


Additional $30 

In order to participate in events hosted by Square ONE Sports, we require participants to be official members.  

Starts November 10, 2023

Soccer crest for Square ONE Soccer

Facts, Answers, and Questions

Shin guards are mandatory! You will not be allowed to play without them. 

Players are allowed to wear soccer cleats so long as their cleats do not have metal studs.

No, we do not permit slide tackles. Player safety is paramount. To minimize dangerous play and injuries, we will not be allowing players to slide on the ground. Accidentals will be subject to the referee’s digression. 

Only exception to the rule pertains to each team’s designated goalkeeper. Goalies are allowed to slide to play the ball within the goalie box.

Two 20-minute halves, running clock, unless specified otherwise. 

No Grace Period. Games start and end on time. The clock will start whether the team is ready or not. Be dressed and warmed up at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled game. 

The clock will run during player injuries, unless the official deems the injury as serious. The official may also stop the clock for other circumstances deemed appropriate. 

HALFTIME. No more than 5 minutes and no less than 1 minute. 

No timeouts. 

Games ending in a tie will remain a tie.

To avoid penalty fees, you must contact Square ONE Sports at least 24 hours before your scheduled games.

Calling Square ONE Sports and leaving a message is NOT acceptable notice; you must speak to someone.

If you leave a message or send email, it is NOT considered notification unless you receive a reply.

To call in a forfeit, contact the League Manager at 304-840-5373.



Greater than 24 hrs game time

No financial penalties

Less than 24 hours before game time when opponents CAN be reached before arriving at the field

$15 team forfeit fee

Less than 24 hours before game time when opponents CANNOT be reached before arriving at the field

$50 team forfeit fee

At the field without enough players, but still able to scrimmage

No financial penalties

NO SHOW without any notice

$100 team forfeit fee


No, there will NO playoff games at the end of the season. Each league division winner will be determined by regular season points and statistical tiebreakers as needed. 


$ 95 - 105 / Session
  • Seasonal Activity
  • 6 Weeks (Spring, Fall, or Winter)
  • 1 Match per Weekend


$ 650
  • Yearlong Participation
  • 10 Months (August–May)
  • Includes Yearlong SOS League Registration
  • Weekly Trainings & Matches


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Referee Registration

We are always in need of more referees! Contact us via email at