SOS Prime

Prime Soccer Class Activities

SOS Prime introduces the game of soccer to your active child aged 3 years to 4 years old in a fun, positive, and structured environment. Prime classes allow children to be independent while parents encourage and support each child’s growth and participation.
Participating in the SOS Prime program is year around (August through May of next year) of instructional classes using fun and creative games to learn.
However, Sessions last 12 weeks at a cost of $ 120 dollars a player. There is no limitation on how many sessions a member can sign up for in a season.
During this period, our experienced coach will introduce the basic concept and early learning skills of youth soccer. Each week players will have a blast playing 3 games that will work on dribbling, shooting, and ball control, while also developing social skills such as sharing and teamwork in a variety of games.



  • $30 per player/Hour
  • *2-6 players attending
  • *Session minimum 8


  • $60 per player/Hour
  • *4-6 players attending
  • *Session minimum 8


  • $30 per person/year
  • The Square One Sports
  • Membership last approximately one year and lowers the cost per session

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