Speed & Agility

Speed and Agility is an important and fundamental skill required in all sports. Square One Sports will train your athlete to move better, be faster and more efficient no matter the sport they would like to participate in. Camps are hosted over the summer for speed and agility courses, as well as signing up for private or small group lesson for speed and agility classes are always welcome! Work hard, get faster, strive for greatness!


Strength & Conditioning

SOS strength and conditioning program is intended to help athletes get what they want while teaching what they need to acquire better mechanics and fundamentals.  We cover various goals like endurance, strength, flexibility & balance along with speed & agility.

We inspire athletes to strive to be the best they can be. We primarily focus on long-term progress by teaching form-based timing to help athletes understand how to move and interact with their bodies.  There are some short-term programs during the summer to help middle school and high school athletes prep for their fall season competitions.  However, we also make arrangements to accommodate under 11-year-old athletes.  We help this age group to explore and guide them towards discovering their abilities.